5 Winter Festivals in Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Winter Festivals in Canada That You Shouldn’t Miss

Despite its terrible reputation, winter in the north of the country is one of the most thrilling times to travel in Canada’s entire year. Seasonal events in Canada are enhanced by the shorter days and cooler temperatures that accompany the waning of the daylight hours.

Here are some of the best places to go out in your snowsuit this winter across the country. Get your tourist visa for Canada and enjoy these Canadian winter festivals with your family.

Igloofest in Montreal

Igloofest, a four-weekend outdoor festival showcasing the world’s best electronic music acts, attracts throngs of music lovers every year. Since 2007, the festival has illuminated the Old Port neighborhood.

“Iglooswag,” a winter fashion contest, is only one of the many activities at Igloofest that festival-goers can participate in. Get your neon 1990s one-piece snowsuit and participate in the fun.

Winterlude, Ottawa

Winterlude is a prime illustration of Ottawa’s mastery of the winter season. For three weekends in February, the Rideau Canal is the focus of this winter festival. So put on your skates and take it all in.

Take a skating lesson, play a game of ice hockey, or watch the Bed Races, when teams adorn mattresses and slide them down the canal at breakneck speeds. Outdoor dance parties and an ice dragon boat festival will also be held in the future.

Celebration of the Voyageur in Winnipeg

During the month of February, the French Quarter in Winnipeg experiences a flurry of festive spirit. An annual celebration of French Canadian, Métis, & First Nations culture is brought to life during the Festival du Voyageur.

This event, complete with music, cuisine, snow sculptures, and a picturesque winter backdrop, shows diverse cultures in a fresh way. In addition to its size, you can be sure that the largest winter celebration in Western Canada will be well worth your time.

Festival of the Silver Skates in Alberta

Over a million visitors are expected for Edmonton’s annual Silver Skate Festival. Locals and visitors alike flock to the Northern Saskatchewan River’s banks every February for ten days of ice races, fire sculptures, snow, and other winter-themed activities.

Visit the ice castle, then participate in a snowshoe race to round out the experience. Observing from the sidelines with a cup of hot cocoa is always a good idea.

To enjoys these festivals, you need a tourist visa, whereas, if you want to visit Canada for a medical issue or for another emergency purpose, you can apply for an emergency visa for Canada.

Montreal en Lumière, Montreal

Montreal en Lumière is a must-see event in the city. If you believe us, it’s one of the world’s largest winter festivities! Festivalgoers may expect a wide range of entertainment and activities, including art, gastronomy, culture, theatre, and music, all in one convenient location.

Among the other attractions are a Ferris wheel, a variety of entertainment, curling, and a ziplining course. It’s a tonne of fun, with over 300 events and 600 artists taking part.

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